Saturday, November 19, 2016

Ha Long Bay, Vietnam among Top 3 places to visit in Southeast Asia

Ha Long Bay has been ranked third in a list of the 29 Best Places to Visit in Southeast Asia by Touropia, an international travel website featuring the most amazing sights around the world divided into various “Best of” lists.  Hoi An, Hanoi, and Sapa also found places on Touropia’s list. 

“Located in northeastern Vietnam, Ha Long Bay resembles a scene from a fantasy story with its thousands of limestone karst islands of different shapes and sizes,” the website explained.
“Some of the islands contain lakes while some are hollow, with a colorful fairyland of grottoes inside.”

Hoi An, ranked 15th, was described as a charming town known for its great atmosphere at the mouth of the Thu Bon River on the central coast. “The narrow, winding lanes of the old port are lined with beautiful old architecture, traditional wooden houses and hundreds of tailor shops selling everything from clothing to souvenirs,” it said.

Hanoi, ranked 25th, made the list for blending the charm of the old world with a pace of life that is quickening as the old city modernizes and is where visitors can see local people both taking tai chi chuan exercises and aerobics.  “At the heart of Hanoi is its Old Quarter, an open-air museum of historic Asian and French colonial architecture that has largely remained intact,” it wrote.

Sapa, ranked 27th and located in remote northwest of Vietnam, was assessed by Touropia as being suitable for trekking in the surrounding mountains, touring rice paddies, and visiting traditional villages and ethnic minorities.

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